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VERTIGO sextet's new album “NONONONONINININI”, a follow-up to their previous collection called “TAJ” (2014), shows again that in a constant quest for new form, new content and new expression they do not have a competition (not only) on a Czech jazz scene. Their new compositions give more accessible and “song-like” impression, without losing on the sophistication and originality.

2016, ANI 056-2
1. Kuljeskeleva (Marcel Bárta)
2. Křik (Marcel Bárta)
3. Je nutné (Oskar Török / Ivan Krasko)
4. Old Lover (Marcel Bárta)
5. Hej (Oskar Török / Ivan Krasko)
6. Rosa morta (Vojtěch Procházka)
7. Falso vidente (Marcel Bárta)
8. Loďka (Marcel Bárta)
9. Tajný plán (Marcel Bárta)
10. Pevný bod (Marcel Bárta)
11. Nononononininini (Marcel Bárta)


Marcel Bárta – tenor, soprano & alto saxophones, clarinet & vocal
Oskar Török – trumpet, flugelhorn, vocal & elektronics
Dorota Barová – vocal, cello & elektronics
Vojtěch Procházka – piano, Yamaha PSS-380, harmonium, wurlitzer & elektronics
Rastislav Uhrík – acoustic & electric bass
Daniel Šoltis – drums, percussion & vibraphone


Recorded and mixed by Milan Cimfe at Sono Records, Nouzov, CZ
Mastered by Pavel Karlík at Sono Records, Nouzov, CZ