Projekt Z
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Projekt Z

Guitarist Petr Zelenka created “Projekt Z” together with saxophonist Marcel Bárta and drummer Daniel Šoltis (both from the group “Vertigo”) as an original line-up (without a bass instrument, not taking into account Bárta´s occasional bass clarinet) forming a free space allowing them to communicate both at musical and non-musical level and on their debut CD for recording of which they also invited extraordinary Spanish flutist Rodrigo Parejo they use this space without limits and bring open and authentic music of many genres, sounds, influences and moods.

2011, ANI 027-2
1. Výkřiky (Rodrigo Parejo, Marcel Bárta, Petr Zelenka)
2. Podruhé (Marcel Bárta)
3. Marš ven (Petr Zelenka)
4. Kulička (Rodrigo Parejo, Marcel Bárta, Petr Zelenka)
5. Rubato Boom Is Over (Petr Zelenka)
6. Police (Petr Zelenka)
7. Motůrek (Petr Zelenka, Rodrigo Parejo)
8. Z.M.R.D. (Petr Zelenka)
9. Raketa (Petr Zelenka)
10. Music Box (Petr Zelenka)
11. Prozaik (Petr Zelenka)
12. Šrums (Rodrigo Parejo, Marcel Bárta, Petr Zelenka)
13. Last Call Blues (Petr Zelenka)
14. From One Dream To Another (Petr Zelenka)


Petr Zelenka – guitar, preparations
Marcel Bárta – tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, voice, percussion
Rodrigo Parejo – flutes, voice
Daniel Šoltis – drums, percussion


Recorded by Lukáš Martinek at Studio Svárov, CZ
Mixed by Milan Cimfe at Sono Records, Nouzov, CZ
Mastered by Gene Paul at DB Plus, New York, USA