Ondřej Pivec & Organic Quartet - Terms and Conditions Apply (LP)
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Terms and Conditions Apply (LP) Ondřej Pivec & Organic Quartet

The album of this reunited legendary quartet, led by organist and Grammy winner Ondřej Pivec, who currently resides in USA, is released precisely ten years after the band´s previous album “Never Enough”, the release of which was an impetus to Animal Music foundation. The album, containing new fresh material penned by the band members, was recorded using solely analog equipment, without any use of digital effects, computers or editing. The album is released on CD, vinyl (with large booklet containing the sheet music) and digitally. The band members, who concurrently lead their own projects and release their own solo albums, have matured into remarkable personalities without losing anything from their youthful enthusiasm and energy.

2017, ANI 062-1
1. April May March (Ondřej Pivec)
2. Fill in the Blanks (Libor Šmoldas)
3. Costaguana (Jakub Doležal)
4. Ignacius (Libor Šmoldas)
5. Straitjacket (Ondřej Pivec)
6. Better Place (Ondřej Pivec)
7. Bad Salad (Ondřej Pivec)
8. Later That Morning (Libor Šmoldas)
9. One for LM (Tomáš Hobzek)


Ondřej Pivec – Hammond B-3
Libor Šmoldas – electric guitar
Jakub Doležal – tenor and soprano saxophones
Tomáš Hobzek – drums


Recorded and mixed by Milan Cimfe at Sono Records, Nouzov, CZ
Mastered by Pavel Karlík at Sono Records, Nouzov, CZ