Ondřej Pivec - The Green Card Album
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The Green Card Album Ondřej Pivec

Over the past five years, organist and keyboardist Ondrej Pivec has been an ambassador of Czech music in NY where he currently resides and works. New York is also the origin of his latest record, the title of which gives a hint about his future plans. Musically, the album connects to Pivec’s rich jazz career, but his new American experience is shifting the direction towards rhythm-and-blues, gospel and pop. Pivec himself is taken in a new direction with The Green Card Album. It stands out with its spot-on production and crisp sound, and contains performances of a long stray of local musicians and singers. This CD demonstrates Pivec in his current musical frame of mind, and in an excellent shape as a composer, player, arranger and producer.

2014, ANI 040-2
1. People Make The World Go Round (Thomas R. Bell, Linda Creed)
2. OGD (aka Road Song) (Wes Montgomery)
3. ​Crazy In Love (Shawn C. Carter, Richard Harrison, Beyoncé Knowles, Eugene Booker Record)
4. Stolen Moments (Oliver E. Nelson)
5. The Full Service (Ondřej Pivec)
6. Be Good To Me (Djoré Nance, Ondřej Pivec)
7. Never Ending Story (Ondřej Pivec)
8. I Can’t Make You Love Me (Michael Barry Reid, James Allen Shamblin)
9. ​Caucasian Occasion (Ondřej Pivec)
10. Nine Days Wonder (Ondřej Pivec)
11. Crazy In Love (radio edit) (Shawn C. Carter, Richard Harrison, Beyoncé Knowles, Eugene Booker Record)


Ondřej Pivec – B3 organ, rhodes, keyboards, synth & programming
Rasul A-Salaam – lead and background vocals
Djoré Nance – lead and background vocals
Cheryl Pepsii Riley – lead and background vocals
Jordan Peters – guitar
Paul Bollenback – guitar
Dmitry Gorodetsky – bass
Adam Jackson – drums
Freddie Hendrix – trumpet
Karel Růžička Jr. – alto and tenor saxophones
Matthew Hartnett – trombone
Moses J. Gardner – background vocals
Cassondra Kellam – background vocals
Ayana George – background vocals


Recoded by Michael Brorby (Acoustic Recording, Brooklyn, USA) and Ken Wallace (Ian London Productions, Long Island, USA)
Mixed by Ken Wallace (Ian London Productions, Long Island, USA)
Mastered by Pavel Karlík (Sono Records, Nouzov, CZ)