Luboš Soukup Ensemble - Through the Mirror
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Through the Mirror Luboš Soukup Ensemble

At his second album Luboš Soukup has joined the sound of his “scandinavian” jazz quartet with a 6-piece horns and woodwind section and a string quartet. He recorded a set of his own compositions of a very high quality both in composition and arrangement, interlinked by themes and moods, at the border between jazz and contemporary music.

2013, ANI 038-2
1. Street (Luboš Soukup)
2. On the Wings of a Story (Luboš Soukup)
3. The Unbearable Lightness of Being (Luboš Soukup)
4. Shaman (Luboš Soukup)
5. Slav in Scandinavia (Luboš Soukup)
6. Mirror (Luboš Soukup)
7. Cookin’ (Luboš Soukup)
8. Prisoner (Luboš Soukup)
9. Under the Sky (Luboš Soukup)
10. Through the Mirror (Luboš Soukup)


Luboš Soukup – tenor and soprano saxophone, clarinet
Christian Pabst – piano
Joel Illerhag – acoustic bass
Morten Haesum – drums

Gerard Presencer – trumpet
Mads la Cour – trumpet, flugelhorn
Nicolai Schultz – flute, piccolo
Anders Banke – bass clarinet
Petter Severin Hangsel – trombone
André Jensen – tuba, bass trombone

Epoque Quartet:
David Pokorný – 1st violin
Vladimír Klánský – 2nd violin
Vladimír Kroupa – viola
Vít Petrášek – violoncello


Recorded by Bjørn Gjessing at The Village, Vanløse, DK; and by Michal Vaniš and Pavel Karlík at Sono Records, Nouzov, CZ
Mixed by August Wanngren at We Know Music Studios, Islands Brygge, Copenhagen, DK
Mastered by Thomas Eberger at Stockholm Mastering, Stockholm, SW