Tomáš Liška / Luboš Malina / Michal Nejtek - Fragile Bliss
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Fragile Bliss Tomáš Liška / Luboš Malina / Michal Nejtek

Three musicians, each of them with different musical background, joined to record Fragile Bliss, a multi-genre compilation of authentic acoustic music base on jazz as well as folk roots. Bassist Tomáš Liška, established at the Czech jazz scene, banjoist Luboš Malina, founder and producer in Druha trava group, and pianist Michal Nejtek, known for his contemporary music compositions as well as from David Koller´s group, have created free music, full of intertwining of their musical experience.

2016, ANI 053-2
1. In Delhi (Luboš Malina, Tomáš Liška)
2. Helva Moon (Tomáš Liška)
3. Metuje (Luboš Malina)
4. Uvidíme I. (Tomáš Liška)
5. Fragile Bliss (Michal Nejtek)
6. Conjunction Venus (Tomáš Liška)
7. Uvidíme II. (Tomáš Liška)
8. Cestou k jaru (Tomáš Liška)
9. Song For Béla (Luboš Malina)
10. Uvidíme III. (Tomáš Liška)


Tomáš Liška – Acoustic bass
Luboš Malina – banjo, barytone banjo, kaval, whistle
Michal Nejtek – piano, samples
Kamil Slezák j.h. – drums (5, 6, 8, 10)


Recorded by Jan Košulič at Orlí Theatre Recording Studio, Brno
Mastered by Pavel Karlík (Sono Records, Nouzov)