Libor Šmoldas Trio - On The Playground
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On The Playground Libor Šmoldas Trio

The first CD by young Czech guitarist Libor Šmoldas as a leader. Šmoldas is a member of Organic Quartet led by his ex-schoolmate from Jazz College in Prague, organist Ondřej Pivec, who also features on this CD together with Polish drummer Lukasz Zyta. Fresh guitar-organ trio.

2007, ANI 004-2
1. On The Playground (Libor Šmoldas)
2. The Message (Libor Šmoldas)
3. Handle With Care (Libor Šmoldas)
4. Valse Hot (Sonny Rollins)
5. Funky Piece (Libor Šmoldas)
6. Christopher´s Dance (Libor Šmoldas)
7. Just One Of Those Things (Cole Porter)
8. Snow (Libor Šmoldas)


Libor Šmoldas – guitar
Ondřej Pivec – hammond organ
Lukasz Zyta – drums