Jaromír Honzák - Blood Sings
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Blood Sings Jaromír Honzák

The new album by renowned jazz bassist and composer Jaromír Honzák is for the first time not comprised of his own compositions but is dedicated to song by Suzanne Vega in Honzák´s charac­teristic arrangements. Honzák is joined here by the Norwegian singer Sissel Vera Pettersen, Polish drummer Łukasz Żyta, pianist Vít Křišťan and guitarist Josef Štěpánek. The album was recorded at the end of 2012 at Sono Studios.

2013, ANI 033-2
1. Language (Suzanne Vega, Michael Visceglia)
2. Blood Sings (Suzanne Vega)
3. Penitent (Suzanne Vega)
4. Ironbound / Fancy Poultry (Suzanne Vega, Anton Sanko)
5. Honeymoon Suite (Suzanne Vega)
6. Fifty-Fifty Chance (Suzanne Vega)
7. If You Were In My Music (Jaromír Honzák, Sissel Vera Pettersen, Vít Křišťan, Łukasz Żyta)
8. Wooden Horse (Caspar Houser´s Song) (Suzanne Vega, Michael Visceglia, Anton Sanko, Marc Shulman, Stephen Ferrera)
9. Solitaire (Suzanne Vega)
10. Those Whole Girls (Run in Grace) (Suzanne Vega)


Sissel Vera Pettersen – voice and live electronics, vocal arrangements
Jaromír Honzák – acoustic bass, electric bass, arrangements
Vít Křišťan – piano, Fender Rhodes, keyboards
Josef Štěpánek – electric guitar, baritone electric guitar, terz acoustic guitar, pedal steel guitar
Łukasz Żyta – drums and percussions


Recorded by Milan Cimfe at Sono Records, Nouzov, CZ
Mixed by Milan Cimfe and Pavel Karlík at Sono Records, Nouzov, CZ
Mastered by Pavel Karlík at Sono Records, Nouzov, CZ