Iva Bittová - Zvon
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Zvon Iva Bittová

Iva Bittová is one of the few Czech artists whose career goes beyond Czech borders. Her new CD “Zvon” (The Bell) is a large-scale project rich in sound that contains older as well as recent compositions from Iva Bittová´s reper­toire arranged for a symphonic orchestra. Arrangements were created by Petr Ostrouchov (film sountrack composer nominated for Czech Lion for the best film music for Želary – which was also nominated for the Oscar – Občanský průkaz and Vendeta) and Beata Hlavenková, composer and pianist who leads her own trio, releases solo projects (CD Joy for Joel, 2009) and performs with Lenka Dusilová (Eternal Seekers, Baromantika). Studio recordings combine in an original way the minimalistic structure of the compositions with multi-layered sound of an orchestra and soloists and are very colorful, dynamic and influenced by many genres. CD “Zvon” is being released by Animal Music in co-production with Supraphon, with support from Czech Ministry of culture and City of Prague, sponsored by Nano Energies, Mazars and Vyšehrad 2000.

2012, ANI 032-2
1. Prolog (Petr Ostrouchov)
2. Zelený víneček (lidová, úprava Iva Bittová, aranžmá Petr Ostrouchov)
3. Elida (Iva Bittová / Věra Chase, aranžmá Beata Hlavenková)
4. Zapískej (Vladimír Václavek, Iva Bittová / Vladimír Václavek, aranžmá Petr Ostrouchov)
5. Sirka v louži (Iva Bittová, Vladimír Václavek / Bohuslav Reynek, aranžmá Beata Hlavenková)
6. Peřiny (Iva Bittová, Pavel Fajt / J.A.Pitínský, aranžmá Petr Ostrouchov)
7. Paraskeva (Iva Bittová / Hana Evans, aranžmá Beata Hlavenková)
8. Uspávanka (Vladimír Václavek, Iva Bittová / Jan Skácel, aranžmá Petr Ostrouchov)
9. V černém (Josef Kolšovský / Karel David, aranžmá Beata Hlavenková)
10. Zvon (Vladimír Václavek, Iva Bittová / Vladimír Václavek, aranžmá Petr Ostrouchov)
11. Větvička (Iva Bittová, Vladimír Václavek / Vladimír Václavek, aranžmá Petr Ostrouchov)
12. Epilog (Beata Hlavenková)


Iva Bittová – voice, violin, viola
Prague Philharmonia, conducted by David Švec
Vladimír Václavek – acoustic guitar
David Dorůžka – electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Jaromír Honzák – acoustic bass
Miloš Dvořáček – drums, kalimba and percussions
Oskar Török – trumpet
Beata Hlavenková – piano, celeste, voice
Petr Ostrouchov – acoustic guitar, celeste, percussions, harp, piano, mandolin, jew´s harp, voice
Monika Knoblochová – harpsichord
Mario Mesany – crumhorns, tromba marina
Jan Čižmář – baroque lute
Lubomír Kovařík – piccolo trumpet
Vlastimil Bičík – piano
Lenka Dusilová – voice
Schola Gregoriana Pragensis, artistic director David Eben – voices
Grunik – voices


Recorded by Milan Cimfe, Pavel Bohatý and Pavel Karlík at Sono Records, Nouzov, CZ
Mixed by Milan Cimfe, Petr Ostrouchov and Beata Hlavenková at Sono Records, Nouzov, CZ
Mastered by Tony Cousins at Metropolis Mastering, London, UK