David Dorůžka - Silently Dawning
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Silently Dawning David Dorůžka

Excellent young Czech jazz guitarist David Dorůžka, who is well known not only in his domestic country, but also abroad, and whose debut album Hidden Paths (2004) received many awards, composed for the purpose of his second album music on poems by Emily Dickinson (English) and Czech poet Jiří Orten (Czech) as well as Swedish lyrics written by young Swedish singer Josefine Lindstrand, who joined Dorůžka in the studio and sings all the songs in all three languages, accompanied by Polish rhythmic duo Łukasz Żyta (drums and percussion) and Michał Barański (bass). Intimate and honest music with excellent performances and sound.

2008, ANI 007-2
1. The Things That Never Can Come Back (David Dorůžka / Emily Dickinson)
2. November (David Dorůžka / Josefine Lindstrand)
3. The Heart Has Narrow Banks (David Dorůžka / Emily Dickinson)
4. Percussion interlude (Łukasz Żyta)
5. Noc a den (David Dorůžka / Jiří Orten)
6. I Felt My Life (David Dorůžka / Emily Dickinson)
7. Tears (David Dorůžka / Josefine Lindstrand)
8. Before Spring Comes (David Dorůžka)
9. Voice and guitar introduction (David Dorůžka, Josefine Lindstrand)
10. Forever Lost (David Dorůžka / Josefine Lindstrand)
11. Hope Is the Thing with Feathers (David Dorůžka / Emily Dickinson)
12. Pohádka (David Dorůžka / Jiří Orten)


David Dorůžka – electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Josefine Lindstrand – voice
Michał Barański – bass
Łukasz Żyta – drums and percussion


Recorded and mixed by Lukáš Martinek at Studio Svárov, CZ
Mastered by Bob Katz at Digital Domain, Florida, USA