Cyrille Oswald - The Wrong Present
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The Wrong Present Cyrille Oswald

Dutch saxophonist Cyrille Oswald, currently living in Prague, brings on his „Czech album“ his own original compositions influenced by many sources. Recorded with some of the best Czech musicians – David Dorůžka, Tomáš Liška and Daniel Šoltis.

2010, ANI 020-2
1. Skin Soup (Cyrille Oswald)
2. À la Ha (Cyrille Oswald)
3. Zora´s Peace (Cyrille Oswald)
4. The Wrong Present (Cyrille Oswald)
5. Mikkel´s Plough (Cyrille Oswald)
6. Summer Confessions (Cyrille Oswald)
7. Stargazer (Cyrille Oswald)
8. Presence (Cyrille Oswald)
9. Ignorance (Cyrille Oswald)
10. Out of the Grotto (Cyrille Oswald)
11. Deinka (Cyrille Oswald)


Cyrille Oswald – tenor and soprano saxophones
David Dorůžka – acoustic and electric guitars
Tomáš Liška – acoustic bass
Daniel Šoltis – drums


Recorded by Lukáš Martinek at Studio Svárov, CZ
Mixed by Milan Cimfe at Sono Records, Nouzov, CZ
Mastered by Gene Paul at DB Plus, New York, USA