CPR Electrio
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CPR Electrio

CPR ELECTRIO is made of two Czech musicians living in NYC – Ondřej Pivec and Karel Růžička ml. – and their NYC based band mate – drummer Russell Carter. The Trio plays with masterful energy the music that mixes influence by dance music, r´n´b and funk music; musicians alternate acoustic (B-3 organ, fender piano, saxophones and drums) eith electric instruments (synths, EWI, drum pads). Dance music played by hands that brings joy and life energy.

2013, ANI 035-2
1. Intro (Ondřej Pivec)
2. Land Of Malbec (Karel Růžička Jr)
3. Ray's Praise (Ondřej Pivec)
4. Naturally (Karel Růžička Jr)
5. Groovy Blues (Karel Růžička Jr)
6. Time for Love (Karel Růžička Jr)
7. Village Funk (Karel Růžička Jr)
8. Vivid Illusions (Russell Carter)
9. Beautiful Smile (Ondřej Pivec)
10. I Hear Music (Burton Lane / Frank Loesser)
11. Outro (Ondřej Pivec)


Ondřej Pivec – rhodes, B3, key-bass, synths & programming
Karel Růžička – tenor & soprano saxophones, EWI
Russell Carter – drums & SPDS pads


Ken Wallace – percussion and programming
Jazzmeia Horn – vocal (track 10)


Recorded and mixed by Ken Wallace
Mastered by Ken Wallace and Pavel Karlík