Blue Shadows
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Blue Shadows

On its eponymous album, “Blue Shadows” consist of four musicians with different musical backgrounds. Cellist Jiri Barta is a virtuoso known in the world of classical music, an excellent drummer Martin Novak plays with Lenka Dusilova, Jana Kirschner and David Dorůžka, versatile guitarist Josef Stepanek performs and records with many artists of alternative and pop music, and guitarist Peter Ostrouchov is known mostly as a composer of film music (with five nominations for the Czech Lion award), and from his former long-term participation in the band Sto zvirat. The project of their joint album arose naturally from their collaboration on recording of the score for the Czech TV miniseries “Blue Shadows”. Each of the musicians contributed with his original abilities and the diversity of their individual musical careers has become an advantage: the result seems to be a natural sum of their diverse musical experiences and skills. The album, mixing genres and influences covered mostly by the term “americana”, i.e. American acoustic music, country, jazz and folk music, is in its majority an instrumental one and consists of recordings of compositions mostly sketched in the course of recording. Guest vocalist James Harries is featured in two songs, including the title song “Blue Shadows” from the TV miniseries of the same name.

2016, ANI 060-2
1. Blue Shadows (Ostrouchov, Štěpánek / Ostrouchov)
2. Talking without Speaking (Ostrouchov)
3. 44 Years Later (Ostrouchov)
4. Theme from Blue Shadows (Ostrouchov)
5. Elsewhere (Ostrouchov)
6. Song of Happiness (Ostrouchov / Ostrouchov, Harries)
7. Dancing in the Supine (Štěpánek)
8. Eternal Summer (Štěpánek, Bárta)
9. Based on True Events (Bárta, Novák)
10. Home (Novák)
11. Beauty Should Look So (Štěpánek)
12. Shadow Play (Štěpánek, Novák, Ostrouchov)
13. Untutored Youth (Ostrouchov)
14. Leaving Them (Bárta)


Jiří Bárta – violoncello, electric violoncello
Martin Novák – drums, percussion, violin, 12string guitar, piano, octave mandolin
Petr Ostrouchov – baritone acoustic, baritone electric, terz, acoustic & resonator guitars, bass, mandolin, octave mandolin, autoharp, piano, fender piano, keys, vocals
Josef Štěpánek – electric, baritone electric, pedal steel, lap steel, Weissenborn, acoustic, 12string, tenor & resonator guitars, octave mandolin, banjo, harmonica
James Harries – lead vocal (1,6)
Milan Cimfe – bass (12)


Recorded by Milan Cimfe & Adam Karlík at Sono Records, Nouzov, CZ
Mixed by Milan Cimfe & Petr Ostrouchov at Sono Records, Nouzov, CZ
Mastered by Pavel Karlík at Sono Records, Nouzov, CZ