Beata Hlavenková - Theodoros
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Theodoros Beata Hlavenková

Beata Hlavenkova´s THE­ODOROS is an impressive solo album by this pianist and composer, one of the leading persons at Czech jazz and alternative music scene. It is made of twelve compositions of outstanding qualities, performed or by solo piano either by multiple piano layers, all performed by the compose herself. Beata Hlavenkova has been inspired by the form of a song and its simplicity.

2013, ANI 037-2
1. Ianouarios (Beata Hlavenková)
2. Fevrouarios (Beata Hlavenková)
3. Martios (Beata Hlavenková)
4. Aprilios (Beata Hlavenková)
5. Maios (Beata Hlavenková)
6. Iounios (Beata Hlavenková)
7. Ioulios (Beata Hlavenková)
8. Avgoustos (Beata Hlavenková)
9. Septemvrios (Beata Hlavenková)
10. Oktovrios (Beata Hlavenková)
11. Noemvrios (Beata Hlavenková)
12. Dekemvrios (Beata Hlavenková)

Beata Hlavenková – piano


Recorded by Radek Roubal at Janáček Conservatory in Ostrava, CZ
Mixed by Milan Cimfe at Sono Records, Nouzov, CZ
Mastered by Tony Cousins at Metropolis Mastering, London, UK