Štěpánka Balcarová: Life and Happiness of Julian Tuwim

Štěpánka Balcarová – Life and Happiness of Julian Tuwim

Animal Music is releasing the new album by the trumpeter and composer Štěpánka Balcarová, titled “Life and Happiness of Julian Tuwim”, containing her own compositions on poems by the Polish poet Julian Tuwim, sang by the Polish singer Małgorzata Hutek and performed by the composer herself together with other great musicians from Czech Republic (Marcel Bárta, Jaromír Honzák, Robert Fischmann) and Poland (Nikola Kołodziejczyk, Grzegorz Masłovski).

Rostislav Fraš Quartet: Use the Moment

Rostislav Fraš Quartet – Use the Moment

Animal Music is releasing the new album by the saxophonist Rostislav Fraš, titled “Use the Moment”. The line-up is comprised of the Italian pianist Antonio Faraò, the legendary American drummer Jeff “Tain” Watts and the bassist Josef Fečo.

Organic Quartet: Terms and Conditions Apply

Organic Quartet – Terms and Conditions Apply

On the day of its 10th anniversary, 16th May 2017, Animal Music is releasing the new album of the reunited legendary „Organic Quartet“ led by Hammond organist and Grammy winner Ondřej Pivec; the band’s previous album released in 2007 was the impetus of Animal Music’s foundation. The album titled “Terms And Conditions Apply” is released on CD, 180 gram vinyl with 16-page booklet containing the sheet music, as well as digitally.

Tomáš Liška: Invisible Faces

Tomáš Liška – Invisible Faces

On his new album „Invisible Faces“, released by Animal Music, bassist and composer Tomáš Liška returns to the style and sound of his successful project „Invisible World“ (2009), being supported by Serbian accordeonist Nikola Zarić, Turkish violinist Efe Turumtay, legendary Czech guitarist David Dorůžka and Czech percussionist Kamil Slezák.

Blue Shadows


On Animal Music’s new release, quartet called “Blue Shadows” consists of musicians with different musical backgrounds – classical cellist Jiří Bárta, jazz and alternative drummer Martin Novák, guitarist Josef Štěpánek and guitarist and film composer Petr Ostrouchov. The album, consisting of songs created mostly in the studio, is a sum of their diverse musical experiences and skills. Featured on the album is the English singer James Harries, also in the song “Blue Shadows” contained in last year's TV miniseries of the same name, to which all the participating musicians recorded music together and from which they have derived the name of the project.

Mateřština / Mother Tongue

18. 1. 2017
Jiří Slavík – MATEŘŠTINA

Animal Music has just released a new album by Jiri Slavik entitled "Mateřština” (“Mother Tongue”) with which this great double bassist and composer presents himself in a role of vocalist and multi-instrumentalist searching for his own cultural roots and using legacy of folk music in his own contemporary compositions.

Two New Albums

David Dorůžka - AUTUMN TALES Aneta Majer & Stamic Quartet - WEINBERG, BLOCH: PIANO QUINTETS

Animal Music have just released the long-awaited new album by the guitarist Davida Dorůžka entitled “Autumn Tales” and the album of piano quintets composed by Mieczyslaw Weinberg and Ernest Bloch as performed by the Stamic Quartet and the pianist Aneta Majerová.



VERTIGO have just released their new album called NONONONONINININI.



International quartet MAMATOHE, composed of Czech bassist Tomáš Liška, Czech saxophonist Marcel Bárta, Mexican pianist Mark Aanderud and Argentinian drummer Hernan Hecht, recorded its eponymous album at the end of their 2012 tour. The album has just now been released by Animal Music.

Najponk, George Mraz and Matt Fishwick

Najponk / George Mraz / Matt Fishwick – Final Touch of Jazz

“Final Touch Of Jazz” a new trio album by pianist Najponk, has just been released, with Matt Fishwick on drums and legendary George Mraz on bass. The album contains Najponk´s and his banmates´ masterful performance of classical jazz repertoire.

CONCEPT ART ORCHESTRA release their new “The Prague Six”

Concept Art Orchestra – The Prague Six

On June 15th 2015, Animal Music is releasing a new album by the outstanding young Czech big band called “Concept Art Orchestra” conducted by Štěpánka Balcarová, containing first studio recordings of contemporary compositions of young Czech composers who have formed a group called “The Prague Six” – the conductor herself, saxophonist Luboš Soukup. Trombonist Jan Jirucha, pianist Vít Křišťan, who also perform as the band-members, and also pianists Martin Brunner and Tomáš Sýkora.

ANIMAL MUSIC releases new album by Iva Bittová and her trio “Eviyan”

Eviyan – Nayive

At the beginning of May Animal Music is coming with the first of eight releases planned for 2015. A famous Czech singer and violinist Iva Bittová joined forces with guitarist and composer Gyan Riley and bass-clarinetist, composer and producer Evan Ziporyn, both notable representatives of the US alternative music scene, and they co-founded the acoustic trio called Eviyan. Their first studio project called “Nayive” is made of their own compositions and improvisations, and is notable for very high compositional as well as performing skills of all three musicians. The natural sounds of classical guitar, bass clarinet and Iva Bittová´s original voice melt together naturally to paint a very colorful image.

Two New Albums Released by the End of 2014


The end of 2014 has brought two extraordinary albums released by Animal Music. Two double bassists – composers present their new compositions recorded in the international line-ups. The legendary Jaromír Honzák brings a new collection of his original pieces after five years, recorded with Czech (David Dorůžka, Vít Křišťan) as well as international (Jon Fält, Antonin-Tri Hoang) artists. Tomáš Liška has recorded his graduation suite “Bercheros Odyssey” arranged just for strings and winds, with which he finished studies at Jazz Institute in Berlin, with Fabiana Striffler, Šimon Marek, Markus Ehrlich a Natalie Hausmann.

Najponk releases his new album “A Child Is Born”

Najponk – A Child Is Born

Najponk brings here another outstanding collection of recordings rooted mostly in jazz traditions, this time as a solo pianist. Next to jazz classics (Cole Porter, Thelonious Monk) we have contemporary music (Pat Metheny), instrumental version of pop music (Beatles), bossa nova (Tom Jobim) and many more, all as greatly performed by Najponk, in a crystallic and pure form.

Radek Baborák releases his new album called “Orquestrina”

Radek Baborák – Orquestrina

Radek Baborák, who ranks without doubt amongst the top French horn players, releases his new album called “Orquestrina” containing compositions by well (Astor Piazzolla, Gabriel Fauré, Maurice Ravel) as well as less known (Lev Kogan, Corrado Saglietti) composers, all inspired by dance and its forms. The album release shall be celebrated by the unique performance by Baborák and his Orquestrina Ensemble at Prague´s Domovina on Friday 14th November 2014 at 8pm. The entrance is free until the capacity of the hall is reached.

Pianist and composer Beata Hlavenková releases the album “Theodoros”

Beata Hlavenková – Theodoros

Pianist and composer BEATA HLAVENKOVÁ, one of the leading persons at Czech jazz and alternative music scene, has just released THEODOROS, her new album of outstanding qualities, made of her own twelve compositions, named after months in a year. The composer is here the only performer. The compositions use the piano as a solo instrument as well as in multiple layers. THEODOROS is made rather of intimate compositions, Beata Hlavenkova has been inspired by the form of a song and its simplicity. The album was recorded at Janáček Conservatory in Ostrava, mixed at Sono Records by Milan Cimfe and mastered by Tony Cousins at London´s Metropolis Mastering. THEODOROS will also be released on vinyl by Minority Records during November 2013.

Animal Music releases an eponymous album by CPR Electrio

CPR Electrio

Animal Music releases an eponymous album by CPR Electrio by means of which two jazz “emigrants” currently living in NYC return symbolically home – organist Ondřej Pivec and saxophonist Karel Růžička Jr. The third member of the Trio is NYC based drummer Russell Carter. CPR Electrio plays groovy music that mixes influence by dance music, r´n´b and funk music and the musicians alternate acoustic (B-3 organ, fender piano, saxophones and drums) with electric instruments (synths, EWI, drum pads). Dance music played by hands that brings joy and life energy.

Pianist Vít Křišťan´s debut album “Imprints” has just been released

Vít Křišťan – Imprints

Pianist Vít Křišťan´s debut album “Imprints” has just been released by Animal Music, shortly after Křišťan as a member of jazz quintet Inner Spaces was awarded by Angel prize for the best jazz album for their album Light Year released by Animal Music in 2012 and after he participated in recording Jaromír Honzák´s album Blood Sings made of Suzanne Vega´s covers, nominated for the same award. Křišťan is joined here by bassist Jaromír Honzák, drummer Roman Vícha, trumpetist Oskar Török, Polish guitarist Marek Kądziela and Polish singer Agnieszka Twardoch. The release party shall take place at Prague´s Jazz Dock on Monday 3rd June 2013.

Marta Töpferová a Tomáš Liška release the album “Milokraj”

Marta Töpferová & Tomáš Liška – Milokraj

Animal Music has released the album by singer Marta Töpferová and bassist Tomáš Liška, called “Milokraj” that contains composition co-penned by both soloists, inspired not only by Moravian and Czech folk music. They recorded the album with guitarists David Dorůžka, violinist Stano Palůch and virtuoso cimbalom player Marcel Comendant. Töpferová and Liška on their way to MILOKRAJ (= Beloved Land) are searching for their personal and musical identity, for the dreamed-of home inside their own hearts.

Inner Spaces released jazz album of the year 2012

Cena Anděl

Album “Light Year” by Inner Spaces and David Dorůžka, released in October 2012, has been awarded an Angel Award as a best album of 2012 in jazz and blues category. Remaining two nominatios in this category were also released by Animal Music.

Albums released by Animal Music hold all three nominations in “jazz and blues” category of Angel Awards 2012

Cena Anděl

Nominated are: “Blood Sings” by Jaromír Honzák feat. Sissel Vera Pettersen, “Light Year” by Inner Spaces feat. David Dorůžka and “The Real Deal” by Najponk with Jaromír Honzák and Matt Fishwick. Iva Bittová was nominated in the main “female vocalist” category for her album “Zvon”. The winners will be announced at the beginning of March 2013.

Jaromík Honzák releases the album “Blood Sings” featuring Norwegian vocalist Sissel Vera Pettersen

Jaromír Honzák – Blood Sings

Animal Music has just released the new CD by bassist Jaromír Honzák called “Blood Sings” which contains his own characteristic arrangements of Suzanne Vega´s songs. The album was recorded with Norwegian vocalist Sissel Vera Pettersen, Polish drummer Łukasz Żyta, young pianist Vít Křišťan (whose debut album featuring Jaromír Honzák and Roman Vícha on drums) will be released by Animal Music later this year) and guitarist Josef Štěpánek.

Iva Bittová releases the album “Zvon”

Iva Bittová – Zvon

On 23rd November 2012 Animal Music (in co-production with Supraphon) releases new CD by Iva Bittová entitled “Zvon” (The Bell). The album contains orchestral arrangements of famous compositions from Iva Bittová´s reper­toire and has been recorded with Prague Philharmonia, one of the best European chamber orchestras and many guests. Orchestrations were created by Petr Ostrouchov and Beata Hlavenková.

Inner Spaces release the album recorded with David Dorůžka

Inner Spaces & David Dorůžka – Light Year

Czech-Polish quintet (this time featuring famous David Doruzka on guitar as the sixth member) are releasing their second album entitled “Light Year” on Animal Music label in October 2012. The music combines influences and experiences that the players got while studying at universities abroad (Poland, Denmark, Austria) and brings real contemporary music of the young and progressive generation. The release party takes place in Prague´s Jazz Dock on 25th October.

Releases in 2012

Animal Music 2012 releases so far include Steve Walsh´s “Daily Specials” released in January and including Steve´s great music as well as covers performed by this Nashville and New York based guitarist and producer in collaboration with Czech lineup of sidemen (Jan Korinek on hammonds, Daniel Soltis on drums and Tomas Liska on double bass), debut album of famous Czech band Eternal Seekers originally released in 2008 and now reissued with bonus recording and new cover and Najponk´s colla­boration with UK drummer Matt Fishwick and famous Czech bassist Jaromir Honzak entitled “The Real Deal” – in this release Najponk is giving another evidence that no one can swing the piano in old standards like he can. Another three releases will follow in autumn 2012.

Angel Award goes again to Animal Music

Czech Academy of Popular Music has awarded Animal Music release for the fifth time in a row since the Animal Music launched its activities in 2007 – this time Angel 2011 in “Jazz and blues” category goes to Vertigo for their fabulous album “Metamorphosis”. Nominations also included another Animal Music release – Face of the Bass eponymous album.

Animal Music worldwide distribution

All Animal Music CDs are now distributed worldwide by Supraphon (www.supraphon.cz) and its partners abroad and are also available digitally on iTunes, www.supraphonline.cz and many another digital platforms.